Pro David Inc. located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. We are specialized in manufacture of Polyurethane(PU)squeeze toys since 1991. Our products made as stress ball, Squeezies, anti-stress ball, figurines imitate. particularly suit for gifts, giveaway, advertising, education,promotion...etc.

With a sound reputation of providing high-quality PU products, punctual deliveries and reliable services, Pro David Inc. has become the top choice for those whose PU designs could not be otherwise done. With considerate plan and enthusiasm for the best interest of its customers,        
Pro David Inc. were successfully achieved the impossible mission.

Pro David Inc. has always been loyal and reliable in bringing mutual benefits to its customers. We're not only work with our customers on a supplier-client basis, but we establishes friendly rapport with them as well. We have never let customers down, and one of the best ways to know whether this is true is through dealing directly with it.